Message from Founder & President

The 1995 Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake caused tremendous damage to my hometown, Hyogo Prefecture. As a member of Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd.'s architectural structure, the devastation I witnessed while visiting the site is still vividly in my mind.
This urban disaster, which caused extensive damage in the Kinki region, was a shocking event that motivated the establishment of Ideal Brain Co., Ltd., which upholds a management philosophy of "protecting people from the ravages of nature.".
Since our founding in 2001, we have been developing innovative technologies based on the dynamics of nature and releasing a variety of products. Thanks to these efforts, we have received the support of a large number of customers, including more than 50,000 buildings for the vibration control building materials "Vibration Control Tape" and "μDam" and more than 1,000 cases for the vibration isolation system "μ-Solator".
With this in mind, the 20 year anniversary of our founding is an opportunity for us to take a step toward the next stage by selecting a president who is not limited to the founder's family but is skilled in management skills suited to the times.
Accordingly, we will leave Noriaki Okamoto, who is a former sales representative, to take the helm of the company, focusing on not only technological development but also expansion of sales and service, aiming to improve customer satisfaction with higher quality.
Our company, which advocates an open and open-minded corporate culture, will continue to face a variety of social problems as it has in the past, without being bound by common sense, and will continue to challenge itself boldly with passion to solve them. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable society and a sound industry through technological development.

Takanori Sato
Takanori Sato
Founder, Takanori Sato

I was appointed President of Ideal Brain Co., Ltd. on June 25th 2021. This year marks 20th anniversary of the company and I am so honored to undertake this responsible mission in such a year.
In 2001, when new century began, Ideal Brain Co., Ltd. started innovative product manufacturing.
Since then,
Do what no one does
Do what no one can do
Not do what anyone does
Not do what anyone can do
based on this basic philosophy, we have utilized our unique technology in order to protect people from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons and have contributed to the creation of a safe and comfortable society.
Japan is called World's No. 1 land of earthquake and unfortunately, due to large earthquakes in the recent years, we have lost many lives and properties.
Even now, large earthquakes such as the Nankai Trough earthquake and the Tokyo Inland earthquake are being expected, and accordingly our society needs more advanced disaster prevention measures.
In 2020, the coronavirus raged all over the world, and we faced a major turning point in our way of living and working.
Even under circumstances with such drastic changes, we will take on a challenge in a technology-driven manner with the motto of a free and open corporate culture.
We believe that it is our mission to expand 「technology originated in sciencing " power "of nature」to various business areas and to contribute to the development of society.

Noriaki Okamoto
Noriaki Okamoto
President, Noriaki Okamoto

Company Profile

Company Name Ideal Brain Co.,Ltd.
(Class A architect office)
Company Address 3F SHOBUNSHA Bldg, 3-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1020083 Japan
TEL +81-3-6910-0411
FAX +81-3-6910-0412
General Reception
about μ-Solator
President Noriaki Okamoto
Date founded August 21, 2001
Capital 29,750,000 yen
Related facilities Kawaguchi Technology Labo.
Primary Banks SMBC, MUFG


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Aug.2001 Ideal Brain was incorporated as a new venture competition within Shimizu Corporation.
Sep. Vibration control tape (Currently it is called Ultra-damping homes) was announced.
Jun.2002 It's paper was awarded the first prize at the "Contest of the Research and Development for the Future Innovation" by Architectural Institute of Japan.
2002-2004 "Development of construction and demolition of recycled materials" was awarded to development of creative innovation by Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for the year 2002.
Aug.2003 SSD (Super Sloshing Dumper) was adopted to Osaka City Tower of Sumitomo Real Estate (163m 50 stories high).
May.21 2004 Ideal Brain Co.,Ltd. was incorporated independently from Shimizu Corporation. Paid-in-capital of Yen 29,750,000 and Takanori Sato as CEO.
Jun. Relocated headquarters to 5F Kyobashi Nagaoka Bldg., 3-6-1 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Jan.2005 Development subsidized research and development venture was awarded to "Development of L-shaped metal material sandwiching thin aluminum wafer bolt construction and vibration resistant structure" by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
May. Developed non-welded steel pipe pile method "BolFix".
Jul. Developed "Gumlock" which prevents the fall of furniture.
Nov. Developed "Futo" which prevents the fall of tomb stones.
Nov.2006 Completed product line up of 9 items named "Gumlock" to prevent fall of furniture and appliances.

Free access vibration resistant system "μ-solator" went on sale.
Feb.2007 Relocated headquarters to Sankyo Bldg. 10F, Irifune 3-7-2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

2000 Ultra-damping homes were built.

Patent was issued to Ultra-damping home building method.

Obtained Performance Certificate Architectural Technology by General Building Research Corporation Japan.
Nov. Obtained Performance Certificate Architectural Technology for residential homes by Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association.
Jun.2008 Earthquake resistant system "μ-solator" obtained license for designated certified building materials by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Feb.2011 "μ-solator" installed in 17 National Buddhist statues of World Heritage "Kofukuji"
Mar.2013 Relocated headquarters to 13F Waterras Annex Bldg., 2-105 Kanda-Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Apr. Commercialization of "μDAM® RH" "μDAM® RL" seismic control system for wooden houses.
Dec.2014 Development subsidized research and development venture was awarded to "Practical development of glass damping wall" by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
May.2016 Commercialization of "μDAM® ZH" seismic control system for wooden houses.
Sep. "μDAM®" won the Good Design Award 2016.
Oct. Commercialization of "μDAM® RB" "μDAM® ZL" "μDAM® ZB" seismic control system for wooden houses.

"μ-solator" won the Good Design Gold Award 2016.
Apr.2018 "μDAM®" won the 30th Excellent New Technology Award.(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Jul.2019 "μ-solator" has been installed in Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History.
Apr.2021 Commercialization of "DSD" seismic control system for wooden houses.
Jun.25 Takanori Sato appointed Chairperson.
Noriaki Okamoto appointed President.
Nov.2022 Relocated headquarters to 3F SHOBUNSHA Bldg., 3-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.